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If set to true the user would be able to select scheduler cells and events. By default selection is disabled. ShowWorkHours. If set to true the view will be initially shown in business hours mode. By default view is displayed in full day mode. Snap. If set to true the scheduler will snap events to the nearest slot during dragging (resizing or moving).

Kendo ui scheduler group by date then by resource -… I'm creating a scheduler by using Kendo UI Scheduler, with horizontal grouping like this. My problem is that I don't want one calendar for each resource like the mentioned example does.In the Telerik example above you did not need to do that. The scheduler understod that you wanted to group by date. kendo-ui scheduler - как удалить часть планировщика... .k-scheduler-toolbar {. border-width: 0 0 1px; display: none; } . Я бы хотел удалить элементы управления заголовком из верхней части элемента управления Kendo UI Scheduler, то есть часть, обозначенную красным цветом на этом скриншоте: Я просто хочу показать один... Gray Out/Block Unavailable Time on Kendo Scheduler (JS) Kendo has styling for work hours, non-work hours, "today", etc., so I first wanted to give the scheduler a clean slate and make all slots white.BlockOffTime() loops through each time slot on the Scheduler, determines if the slot falls during business hours, and if it doesn't - we add the... Kendo UI Scheduler - 28625 | MyTechLogy

Telerik Kendo UI Scheduler exposes rich API and events which provide easy configuration or extension points for customization on top of its built-in features. This example demonstrates how you can intercept the scheduler's events to output messages in the console when these events are raised.

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Issue using Kendo Scheduler

Hottest 'kendo-scheduler' Answers - Stack Overflow kendoScheduler({ allDaySlot: false, }); for Toolbar hide: